All the Features of the Big Websites
at a Fraction of the Cost

You might not know this, but the top business websites cost upwards of $20,000 to make. No wonder they get results. They draw prospects in with great SEO. They remain on top of the prospects mind and push out the competition. They convince those prospects to buy.

The good news is: This can all be replicated—and for much less than $20,000. We’re talking a couple hundred dollars a month here.

You need a website backed by a complete online strategy

Most businesses won’t achieve these heights because they have no strategy. Let’s look at the differences. A website backed by a strategy, compared to just a brochure website::

  • Will attract the right prospects, not tire kickers
  • Will convert these prospects to sales, not generate endless inquiries
  • Uses the website as an extension of your business operations, not just as a static catalogue

Which website reminds you of yours? If it’s the brochure, don’t worry—you can build a website backed by a full strategy for a fraction of the usual cost.




To build you a web business, we’ll first need to know what makes your brand, what your website will be selling and who your customers are. This gives us the data needed to align the website with the strategy and tactics that make it into a true web business.

When we start working together you’ll receive a questionnaire to gather this data. Once we have the answers, we’ll get to work on building your web business.


A key difference between the websites offered by most companies and those designed by TEMA Digital is we’ve performed a full wireframing process that examines how the website will work with business strategy, not simply design what looks good.

These wireframes start with what happens when a prospect first arrives on the homepage. What do they want to see? Where do they go after that? When do they want to buy? What will keep them coming back?

When you receive your website, you’ll be given a copy of these wireframes, showing you the blueprints of how your website will work to convert prospects to buyers.



3. Mockups

One of the biggest mistakes website designers make is distracting prospects before they go through with the sale. Photoshop image mockups of a website let an experienced marketing professional check that before a website goes to development, it will keep prospects focused on the task of buying, and not let them wander off to check out some shiny picture or advertisement.

After we constructed the wireframes for the TEMA Digital themes, we created image mockups that let us see how the website would look in the finished production. Checking that the layout worked in practice, we made sure that when prospects arrive on your website, they’ll go right towards the sale.

4. Development

The best business websites are developed with an eye to SEO and usability features. You want a website that ranks well in the search engines, and having clean code is important here. You also want a website that is easy to use and lets you post offers, update products and services, and direct prospects to your email lists.

The TEMA Digital websites have been developed exclusively for what local businesses need to offer customers. You’ll be able to easily post new deals and specials, keep your product and service offerings current, and manage content updates that keeps customers coming back.



5. Launch

Remember that questionnaire? When you receive a website, we’ll match the branding to your business, checking everything fits your market. You’ll have options of color and and logo placement to do this.

With everything in place, we upload the website to our web server and hit “Go.” We check that everything works as intended, on all browsers and mobile devices. Your new website is now live: All the design features and strategy of a high-end website at a fraction of the cost. It’s time to look at making it work as part of a bigger web business, with:

  • Lead generation tactics that attract the right prospects
  • Email marketing that makes multiple offers to your prospects
  • Convincing incentives that get people to buy

Put it all together, and you’ll have a web business to match the best.

A local service business needs an SEO strategy to be competitive. 90% of local buyers research online before making a purchase.


what you get

Hire TEMA Digital to build your website into a working business asset and you’ll receive all the features of a $20,000 website, but without the price tag.

Pricing for the Business Sales Funnel Website starts at $199 a month. If you need additional features* you also have the option for a custom plan. It’s time to start building your online sales funnel as a valuable business asset.

Or click here to learn more about how we can give you the tactics you need to build a true online business asset.

  • Professionally designed, Business Sales Funnel Website with up to 15 pages
  • Valuable content written as needed
  • SEO optimized
  • Tested on all mobile devices and web browsers
  • Monthly hosting
  • Flagship content offer to build email lead list *
  • Email marketing built-in *

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