Starts with good leads

To make sales, you need the leads. But not just any leads: You need profitable leads that are hot and wanting to buy. TEMA Digital uses hard data to pick the right lead generation tactics for the right prospects, getting your business more leads, more sales and more money.

search engine optimization


Data-driven SEO finds your most profitable prospects

Data-driven SEO first identifies who the most profitable prospects for your business are, and what these prospects are searching for. Then we use best practices supported by Google to rank your business in the most relevant search engine results pages.

This data-driven approach distinguishes us from your average SEO company. While many companies will promise you “first page results,” they do not promise specifically that you’ll be on the first page of a search engine results page that prospects are actually searching for. That’s an important difference.

With TEMA Digital’s data-driven approach, your SEO will attract the most profitable prospects—because we identify who those prospects are before we do anything. To keep you on track, we’ll also give you monthly reports that show you how many visitors came to your website and where they came from.



85% of local customers search online first, and 75% of these customers never go past the first page of results. Good SEO matters.

Google Places


Google Places puts you in front of local buyers

Local prospects are buying prospects. When a customer searches for a business using a local area search term, they’re looking to buy. Google Places is what they often find first—Google promotes its own Google Places in the search engine results for location searches. This makes Google Places an important part of any business’s web presence. Businesses that get featured in the top results for Google Places make money.

Since Google Places was first introduced in 2009, industry professionals have learned what works here, and what doesn’t. When we set you up with Google Places, you’ll get an account that gives local buyers the information they’re after, showcases your relevance to their search (important to Google), and distinguishes you from the local competition.

43% of all Google searches include a location and will bring up a Google Places result on page 1. Having a good Google Places page is key to getting search engine results.


What you get

Hire TEMA Digital and you’ll be working with a marketing partner responsible for turning your website into a business asset that closes sales. You’ll get:

It’s time to turn your website into a valuable business asset that generates leads and makes money.

  • Data-driven strategy that identifies the right tactics for your business
  • Increased online presence to reach the largest number of customers
  • Professional account manager responsible for your ROI
  • Creation of valuable content when needed
  • Full transparency and monthly results reporting

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